Tribeless Conversations: SG

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Tribeless Conversation SG.png

Tribeless Conversations: SG


Close your eyes. Think about the last time you felt connected. Heard. Understood.

Maybe it was on a hiking trip with friends, sharing stories over the campfire. Maybe it was at a bar, spilling drunken secrets to a stranger. Maybe you can’t remember the last time.

We know where you can find your next. ✨

Tribeless Circles are a safe space for curious and compassionate people to come together and talk about the things that matter.

It is facilitated. It is curated. And it might just change your life.


Just like Fight Club, Tribeless Circles are based on rules. Three, specifically:
[1] Listen openly,
[2] Share honestly, and
[3] Respond kindly.

Based on these three principles, and our “revolutionary” facilitation tool (The Empathy Box), we create a warm, respectful space for you to open up and share what’s on your mind.

We’ve hosted hundreds of these around the world, from Seoul to London to KL (where this all started). People come in curious, and walk out transformed. When they immerse themselves in the full experience – laughing, crying, and being their authentic selves – they leave with a gleam in their eye and a new way of seeing the world.

For this edition, we’ll be collaborating with the inimitable EC Proof. They’ll be hosting us at The Proof Flat, where they’ll be serving up delectable barrel-aged cocktails as part of the ticket price (OP: S$116).

To keep it intimate, we’re capping the event at a maximum of 5 pax. No transfers or refunds.

Join us for an evening of conversations, cocktails, and deep, delicious connection.

We promise it’ll be worth it. ❤️