Hi! We're Tribeless, a virtual empathy training company based in Malaysia. 🇲🇾✨
A photo of the Tribeless Team, from top left to bottom right, Gwen Yi, Sim, Shawn and Gwen Lyne.

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Photo of the Tribeless Team. Sim, Shawn & Gwen Yi (from left to right).

Creating a world that sees the human first 🌻

We believe the world would be a better place if everybody had the skills and capacity to practice empathy in their everyday conversations.

Empathy helps us feel safe, connected and supported. We are more willing to listen, understand and work through conflict together. That's the world we want to live in.

Since we moved our company online in 2020, we've had the opportunity to work with amazing, purpose-driven organizations around the world – running trainings, workshops and team-building programmes that inspire, upskill and cultivate a culture of empathetic communication.


Making empathy practical, tangible and fun 💛

Our Empathy In Action methodology turns empathy from an intangible concept into the foundation for your communication as a team. We are the proud creators of The Empathy Box© and #EmpathyCircles™️ — our conversation methodologies that have been used and loved by 10,000+ people across 30+ countries. Want a taste of our approach to empathy?

Photo of the Empathy Box

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Tribeless conducting training, people sitting around in circle.

Let's work together 🌟

We work with a handful of clients each quarter to ensure quality of care and long-term impact. We offer a range of programmes – from 60 minute Lunch & Learns, to 2 hour Empathy Circles, to 2 day Virtual Team Building – that turn empathy into a fun, connective and practical foundation of communication within your organization.

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We dream of a world that accepts, celebrates and supports our shared humanity.

At Tribeless, we sincerely believe that if every single human being saw empathy as a daily practice, we'd live in a very different world.

We'd stop feeling like we're going through things alone. We'd know how to reach out. Have hard conversations. Work through conflict. Practice self-compassion. Hold others in their pain.

We all have our shadows. And we all have our light. And it's this mix that makes us irrevocably, painfully, beautifully human. 💛

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