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Empathic conversations that create safety, empathy and connection in diverse teams & global companies. Make empathy a practice in your organization today!


Empathy Circles was borne out of a crucial need in the pandemic – to create spaces for our people to come together and connect in a fast, simple, meaningful way.

Raise Empathy Awareness

Develop a deeper understanding of the role Empathy plays in our teams and our everyday conversations.

Develop Our Empathy Skills

Build a culture of empathetic communication through the hands-on practice of two core empathy micro-skills.

Build Meaningful Relationships

Create a deeper sense of belonging and solidarity within your organization through curated small-group conversations.

How It Works

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Everyone dials into a virtual Zoom room

Your friendly Tribeless Trainer will set up the container, and get everyone feeling comfortable & ready to share!


We’ll explore Empathy as a concept

What is Empathy, and how does it look like as a practice? We will also explore two of Tribeless’s core empathy micro-skills: “Showing Love” and “Asking Questions”.


Off we go to our breakout rooms!

After the briefing, everyone is assigned to breakout groups of 4–6. We will share stories, listen, and practice our empathy skills using the Empathy Circles format.


We reconvene at the end to wrap up

We return to the main room to debrief & reflect as a big group. We'll also explore next steps on how we can bring this practice into our everyday lives!

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"Empathy Circles is a gift — the opportunity and space to "breathe in" everything that is special, healing, and restorative about another human. I believe what Tribeless is doing is very special, in part because of its simplicity, but mostly because of its devastating effectiveness."

Benjamin Treviño
Brigade Program Director, Code For America
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What Makes Empathy Circles Special

Designed For Diversity

Tested by thousands of people from 50+ countries, Empathy Circles is a powerful, simple format for human connection – no matter how diverse the group!

Create Safety Together

Empathy Circles operates on a permission-first structure, which creates psychological safety. We’ve seen it empower even the quietest, shyest colleagues to open up.

Connect In Small Groups

We'll start and end as a big group, but also get to connect deeply in breakout groups of 4–6. The best of both worlds! *cue Hannah Montana*

Gamified Learning

When learning is fun, it sticks. Our unique Response Cards turn empathy into an actionable, tangible practice that you can bring into your everyday life!

We Made This For...

Fast-Growing Teams

Your headcount is doubling, and you see new faces each week. You want to keep the culture intact and make everyone feel welcome.

Bonding Across Borders

You have teammates scattered across the globe, and you’re on the lookout for a virtual activity everyone can participate in.

Missing The Pantry

You used to go into the office, but now, everyone’s working from home – and you’re wondering how to keep the team spirit alive.

Boosting Wellbeing

It’s been a rough few years, and everyone has gone through a lot. You believe it’s important to connect and support each other as a team.

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We designed this workshop for leaders and teams that are looking to kickstart the conversation around empathy. We will debunk common 'empathy myths', learn two empathy micro-skills, and practice them in breakout groups with each other. Fun and connection guaranteed! 🌟

  • One 2-hour fully facilitated workshop on Zoom, led by a Tribeless Trainer

  • Up to 2 consultation calls to customize the workshop, based on your organization's needs

  • Marketing materials, optional add-on Participant Kits, and more!

Contact Us
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"Whether virtual or face to face, I can vouch for Tribeless in supporting any organization in strengthening their team connectedness. [...] I was blown away by how a series of facilitated exercises helped us break the ice, understand our teammates better, show some love, and shed some tears. We all learned how powerful Empathy is!”

Rosni Abdullah
HR & Recruitment Manager, Education Pathways to Peace in Mindanao (under the Palladium Group)
A profile photo of Azhar Ahmad, with a skyscraper as the background.

“For our team virtual end of year retreat, we had a very enriching, heart warming session led by the Tribeless team on how to show empathy. It’s a very simple process which starts with showing some love. So throughout the workshop love was flowing around freely as we share our personal stories with each other. A much needed time for us to wind down and connect.”

Azhar Ahmad
Head of Medical, Boehringer Ingelheim Malaysia-Singapore

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the workshop be hosted?

The workshop will be hosted on Tribeless’s Zoom account. We can accommodate up to 70 pax per session!

My team is scattered across multiple timezones, will that be an issue?

Not at all! We’re able to accommodate anytime between 8:00AM–7:00PM MYT (Malaysia Time) for the 2-hour workshop.

Is it possible for the workshop to be themed?

Yes! We’ve adapted past Empathy Circles to accommodate ERG focus areas, like Mental Health, Diversity & Inclusion, and Women Empowerment. We are also able to focus it on a core value or theme that’s currently relevant to your organization, such as "Leadership" or "Change".

I’m not able to guarantee the attendance, is it possible to accommodate more/less than 50 pax?

Absolutely! There’s no ‘hard cap’ to the session. In fact, we do encourage flexible attendance for the first workshop, as we believe it’s important for folks to “opt in” to the experience :)

I’m worried my team won’t feel comfortable / open to share in the smaller groups.

We hear you, it’s a valid concern. While the format for Empathy Circles creates a psychologically safe space from the start, given the complexities of each workplace, it may not be the right fit for your team – and that’s okay. Book a call with us, and we’ll figure out the answers together!

I’d like to organize Empathy Circles as part of an wider internal program / campaign. Would Tribeless be able to assist with marketing?

We have marketing materials and assets to support you, but no, we currently do not have the resources to actively assist our clients with marketing!

I’m interested in the physical Participant Kit add-ons / having the workshop physically!

Awesome. We’d love to explore these options with you. Book a call with us, and be sure to mention this in the ‘Additional Notes’ section of the call!